Website Hosting

Host your website from as little as £60 per year per domain.

Which hosting provider do you use?

We provide shared Web Hosting from the UK based hosting company Namesco who provide fast and reliable servers. As we are resellers of this fantastic product our clients get the same quality hosting at half the usual cost.

At The Kick-Ass Donkey Group Limited, we can offer unlimited hosting packages at very affordable rates on both Windows and Linux servers.

So what are our prices you might ask?

Our hosting is truly unlimited. Unlimited bandwidth, storage, email accounts and databases. There are no restrictions at just £60 per year per domain. You have access to your very own control panel where you can add users, access your own FTP, use the famous one-click installs and limitlessly modify your website and e-mails.

What isn't included?

Ok, so this is important as we don't want you to feel though we have hidden anything from you.

SSL Certificate

The SSL certificate is essential for the security of your domain as it helps protect you from hackers and other naughty internet users. Unfortunately, our current hosting provider whilst is extremely reliable, fast and efficient does not provide the free SSL Certificates by Lets Encrypt and Lets Encrypt is not compatible with our servers. They do however provide SSL Certificates from GEO Trust which start from £4.42 per month plus VAT payable annually which works out around £80-90 per year.

SMTP Server

The SMTP server is what is needed for you to send e-mails out from addresses at your domain. Namesco charges around £25 per year for this but you can pay monthly at £3 per month.

Simplifying Hosting

Down to the nitty-gritty. We would recommend to all of our clients that whoever they choose to host their website with, whether it be us or another provider that you need both SMTP and SSL. In the not-to-distant future if you don't have an SSL certificate then google will mark you as an unsafe website. This is obviously bad for business. All in all, to have a complete hosting package with SMTP and SSL it will cost you £185 per year to run your website. However, if you are a web design client of ours this will only cost you £125 per year as we do not charge our clients for hosting. Only the SSL Certificates and SMTP Server. (The extra we have to pay ourselves).

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