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Usability testing and UX (User Experience Design) are both methods of ensuring that your website is designed for your client's needs. It is a modern practice of development which uses your typical end-user to air out any usability bubbles within your website.

There are many different methods in Usability Testing and UX Design but the most common is probably the "Think Aloud" method. The "Think Aloud" method asks a user to complete a certain number of tasks whilst thinking aloud.

At The Kick-Ass Donkey Group Limited we are trained and seasoned UX professionals with a deep understanding of many methodologies and the best circumstances in which these can be applied. We can provide you with an enhanced UX plan and help you implement it. This includes focus groups of user testers from your target market ensuring that your website is exceeding standards and meeting your user's needs.

A typical usability test and focus group will take on average 3 sessions per year with a group of 4-6 user testers of mixed ability, technical knowledge and social or economic backgrounds. The focus groups will take around 2 hours in total per person, with individual tests taking one hour and a group focus group taking another hour.

Our average price of User Testing is between £1160 and £1850 per year. This can be paid in three instalments at each user testing stage subject to a 12-month contract. User testing and the implementation of UX design and Usability research is proven to significantly improve your client satisfaction, conversion rates and revenue.

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