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Our domain name procurement service will assist you in finding the right set of domain names for your business, dependent on your circumstances.

People often confuse a domain name with a website. A domain name is not the only thing you'll need when setting up your own website. You will require hosting to store your website's data, SSL Certificates to secure your website data and an SMTP server if you want to send e-mail from

Your domain name is simply your websites index title. If you think about the internet as a giant catalogue of data, your domain is literally a title of one of its chapters. At The Kick-Ass Donkey Group Limited, we can help you in the acquirement of domain licenses and registrations. Including the purchasing of already registered domains in private sales.

Just because somebody else owns it doesn't necessarily mean that it's not for sale if the price is right. We are also advanced in finding alternatives which will suit your needs and your ideas. We would always advise you to purchase a full-set of domain names for your brand to avoid others purchasing your domains and misrepresenting your organisation. Although this can be quite pricey we believe it is worth the investment short term for when your company grows long-term.

Realistically, however, you only need one domain name plus hosting to launch your website but please think carefully about securing your website and companies future. At a basic level and .com would be a good place to start.

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