Fully bespoke WordPress themes built on the Cornerstone or Genesis framework.

Our WordPress themes are fully customisable and built upon either the Cornerstone, Genesis or WordPress framework. This means your WordPress theme will be optimised for style and performance.

So what is a WordPress Theme?

If you imagine a WordPress website as a meal cooked from a recipe you are getting some context of how each part works. You have the fundamental ingredients this is the framework of which a theme is built upon. Then you have the recipe, these are the instructions on how to use the framework. Then you have the finished meal with the option of how you want to present the food and whether you want to add additional seasoning. This is the theme. This is obviously a very simplified description and a WordPress theme allows you to do a lot more than just present or add additional seasoning. A theme allows you to add pages and functionality continuing with a set of standard layouts which you have predefined. All in all, it is the front-end to your website which offers you a back-end to add content relatively easily.

Process driven websites

Our custom websites are process driven, this ensures consistency across all of the websites we design and develop. The end product shouldn't just look good, it should work effortlessly and flow into your sales funnel. We recognise that many of our service users want to be actively involved in their websites development and therefore allow you to be a major part of the design process if you wish.

Why use WordPress?

WordPress may not be the right solution for everybody although it is by far the most well known and well-supported content management system on the market. With over 74.6 Million websites being powered by WordPress. This means there are a lot of plug-ins, a lot of support and a lot of developers available to maintain and update the security and functionality of your website. With WordPress your options are limitless. However like all websites in order to gain the best from your WordPress site your theme needs to be developed to excellent standards. At The Kick-Ass Donkey Group Limited, we have experienced PHP developers who can ensure that your WordPress theme is at the best standard available.

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