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We can help improve the reading ease of your website
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What is content writing?

Many assume that content writing is all about telling a story and getting your spelling and grammar right and they aren't completely wrong. It's much more than this though. A good content writer tells your story, sells your product and improves your search engine rankings in the process.

A good content writer has an excellent knowledge of keywords, reading ease, brevity vs longevity and when and where all of these things are best used on your website.

It's more than just writing your story in a way that keeps people interested, it's knowing that each page should be at least 300 words long, that each paragraph should contain your focus keyword, that each page should focus on one particular subject or "keyword" and that ultimately your target audience age group should have little trouble reading and understanding what you have written.

For example, if you are writing content for a 5-year-old or aiming at a 5-year-old then you should use words that a 5-year-old understands. They may not be able to read themselves but they are very handy with the Google, Cortana and Alexa screen readers and they should be able to understand the language used.

As essential is this knowledge, the ability to tell a story well is also a must. If your content is boring then people are not going to stay on your page very long.

At The Kick-Ass Donkey Group Limited, we understand the technical aspects of writing content for the web and we can also tell a pretty good story. We are experts in bringing multiple media together ensuring that your visual and auditory clientele are both sufficiently entertained with your content.

As Kristina Halvorson said, "Better content means better business". So if you would like some help to improve yours then please get in touch.

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